He spooned Arbuckle’s into the boiling coffee pot, watched it for a minute or so, added some cold water to settle the grounds and then set the pot on a rock by the fire to stay warm.”
–Rod Collins

Graylight is upon us. Looks a little dreary out there; rain again I suppose. But yur here, and the coffee is ready. Trust you had a good week; sure was lots happenin’.
I’ve been ponderin’–perhaps if folks would sit down and enjoy their coffee many of their woes would be over. But reckon they would just rather stir up trouble and grief, rather than stir their coffee. Some folk need coffee to wake up; reckon that’s the caffeine in it. Jack Palance once said, “One thing that really excites me is a cup of coffee in the morning. Not my movies. I’ve never watched them.” Coffee is needed for some folk to wake up. In fact, some of those souls only drink coffee in the mornin’. They groan until they have their coffee. Not me, I’m almost doin’ a clog knowin’ what’s a-waitin’ me.
Seems as if everythin’ now is racist, sexist, or political. So far, the Olympics have done a fairly good job keepin’ the politics out. But some folk, when given a platform, will use it to spout their agenda. We live in a crazy world. Good thing we can sit ourselves down and have a good hot cup of coffee to keep the gizzard settled. Speaking of which, I’m goin’ to fill up my cup, how ’bout yurs?
Hmmm, makes me wonder what the media puts in their coffee. They’re probably some of those latte, cino types. Those that can’t stand to take things straight; they always have to compromise, flavor, and distort the real thing. And what about Mr. Pence? He’s in trouble because he lets God speak to him. Might be good if folk would read the first chapter of Proverbs, but remember, those in the world cannot understand the working of the Holy Spirit until they come to a realization of Jesus Christ.
Daylight is here, so time to be gettin’ on with the duties of the day. You ride with truth in yur heart, now hear? Check that cinch, in this crazy world, sure don’t want to find yourself on the ground.