Coffee Percs

“Side meat, eggs, and hominy grits, so I ate it, thinking of the night. The coffee was strong enough to float a bullet.”
–Louis L’Amour

Sure hope you had a grand week pard. Here, let me pour you a cup. Sure hope the storms didn’t damper you any. Yah didn’t hide underneath the bed did yah?

Funny things–storms. ‘Course there are all kinds, but they can come up in a hurry, or they can be a building for a long time and finally sweep down on you. How ’bout those last night? Night little show in the heavens. Hmmm, isn’t there lightning and thundering around the holy throne of God?

Storms tell lots ’bout a person. My goodness pard, yah sure guzzled the cup down. Good coffee this mornin’ ain’t it? Always good after a storm. Strong coffee, to ponder the storm, and now the aftermath of it. Ahhhh, after a storm, it might be time to rebuild. Storms can sure wreck havoc. Sometimes have to rebuild, some folks will move away. Storms can cause things to grow. Why a little sunshine today and the grass will be green and flowers will stand tall.

I’ve been caught out in a few storms. There are those times when a body can’t do much ‘cept hunker down and take it. Yah might get drenched, but not to fret, contrary to what folks think ’bout me, I won’t melt, and the clothes will soon dry out. Uncomfortable when it happens, but we make it through.

Reckon the storms of life are the same way. They sure tell lots ’bout a person as well. And just like the storms of nature, sometimes yah just have to hunker down and take it. Watch out though, when the sun comes out and starts to shine yah sure don’t want a petunia to be growin’ out of yur boots.

Oh pard, one more thing. If yah have to be out ridin’ in a storm, be sure that cinch is tight.


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