Coffee Percs

He moved into the backside of the ravine, built a small fire, place beans on to boil, and put a pot of coffee on the coals.”
              –Cliff Hudgins  (Viejo and the Locoweeds)

Greetin’s there Pard.  Coffee’s hot and strong, I even put a horseshoe in it this mornin’ to check it.  Stood right up.  Now if’n that don’t fix what ails yuh…
    Yuh know, sometimes I’ve wanted to get back in some ravine, or some nice canyon with a stream cascadin’ over the rocks.  Done it a time or two, drank my coffee and contemplated the goodness of God.  Yuh know, that’s what I think that ol’ boy Elijah did.  He might have been runnin’ from Jezeeybel, and he found himself in some ravine where he could hold up in a cave, but the Lord was with him, and cared for him.  Ol’ Elijah was refreshed and ready for another round with that pagan culture.  
    Told yuh, that coffee was good this mornin.’  Pard, what are yuh goin’ to do with that little herd of cows yuh got?  That mogul and moneybags Bill Gates is wantin’ to do away with the cows.  Yep, what I heard is that there must be the “use of regulation to move to 100% synthetic beef.”  Yum yum, but that don’t matter; those cows pass toxins.  See what I mean, sometimes I want to go to some ravine, drink coffee, and this case makes me want to throw a steak on the fire.  In fact, in honor of Bill Gates and his ideas and followers I will post one of my favorite poems–“Here’s to Steak” by Vance Wampler.

              Here’s to that steak
              Thick and juicy and sizzlin’
              Cooked in the camp tent
              When the weather was drizzlin’
              With scaldin’ black coffee
              Ate that steak with my knife
              Now. . .what’s better in life?

    Well, the “weather” is sure drizzlin’ stupidity.  So, take a break–have a steak and a pot of coffee and celebrate the blessin’s that the Lord has given yuh in spite of the woke folk.
    That’s doesn’t mean to be forgettin’–always check yur cinch.
    Vaya con Dios.