Coffee Percs

campfire 2

“He poured a cup of coffee, but held it in his left hand.”      –Louis L’Amour

Howdy pard. Sad and shameful thing up there in Dallas. Let me tell you, when folks start turnin’ against the law and targetin’ officers who are there to protect them, then we are on the verge of anarchy. Only one guy you say? This movement is way beyond one guy; kill the white officers is the chant. And don’t get me into the politickin’ of the situation. That’s why I made the coffee strong this mornin’. Good ol’ Arbuckles!
Did you check your guns? Make sure they are oiled, loaded and ready. If this isn’t taken care of soon, there’ll be riotin’ in the streets. Chaos, utter chaos, “Bring on the anarchy!” is the cry. The answer for that then must be tyranny, one-man rule. The words from a sermon I heard years ago have been going through my head for several weeks. I can only remember one phrase, and I think it’s from Jeremiah, “Cursed be those in the cities.”
Sorry, didn’t mean to neglect your cup. You sure did drink that fast. Things to do, or just stuff on your mind? I fully understand, lots of questions. We sure need to be ready. Ready to protect our families. Ready for the return of the Lord.
Have to go pick up the Jeep this morning; it was gettin’ reshod yesterday. Stay alert my friend, keep your guns ready,; live by the words of the Bible; trust in the Lord, and make sure when you ride out that you’ve checked your cinch.
Vaya con Dios!

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