Coffee Percs

    I scouted buffalo chips to make a fire.  Careful to make no smoke, for this was Comanche country, I made coffee and sliced bacon into a skillet.”
              –Louis L’Amour  (Tucker)

Mornin’ pard, come on in an’ throw yur ankles under the table.  Best you be careful with those spurs though; new floor and wife might not like yuh scarring it so soon.  Coffee’s just ’bout done so I’ll grab a couple of cups.
    Ahhh, those first few swallows are good.  Makes the ol’ gizzard sit up and take notice.  Yuh know, this is sort of a solemn day.  Yuh realize that the year is half over?  Yep, it’s a-flyin’ by.  Sure does make a man wonder what he’s done with his time.  
    How are yuh comin’ with yur goals and resolutions?  Half way over so if yur not on schedule this would be a good time to get back on track.  I know that it’s easy to get relaxed an’ forget; that nice comfortable bed, a good cook stove, ahh, those wonderful things.  Sure not like the ol’ day when we had to be lookin’ over our shoulder when we drank our coffee and ate our bacon.
    Go ahead, finish yur cup, there’s a whole pot here.  Supposed to be havin’ a treat for breakfast.  No, not a pie, but almost as good.  Wife is goin’ to put the fixin’s together for some biscuits ‘n’ gravy.  But back to what I was sayin’.  Perhaps we’re bein’ lulled into complacency.  That’s why I keep tellin’ yuh to get yur gun handy; right next to yur Bible.  These are perilous times, and yuh cayn’t afford not to stay aware of yur surroundin’s.  
    We live in different times, an’ that means different enemies.  The bureaucrats are gettin’ worse, and there are more and more crazies out there. People sure are fixin’ to get their own way, even if you are in it.  Right and wrong don’t mean much anymore, but that don’t mean that right ain’t right!
    Pard, in these times, yuh best be adherin’ to the words of Scripture.  Don’t be goin’ to the left or right, but stay straight in steady.
    My land, but we finished that pot in a hurry this mornin’.  Maybe it was the fresh air; gettin’ out of the city sure does help.  You be careful with those fireworks come the 4th, but do have some fun with yur family and celebrate.
    That bein’ said, keep alert.  There’s enemies out there wantin’ yur hide.  Don’t help ’em out none by not checkin’ yur cinch.