Coffee Percs

He spooned Arbuckle’s into a pot of boiling water, waited until the roil started again and then set the pot on a rock to cool down.  He added a dash of cold water to settle the grounds.”
               –Rod Collins (Bitter’s Run)

Slept in a little pard, but hey, it’s still graylight, ol’ sol is below the horizon or maybe I can’t see it for the trees.  Sure am liking living out here, just need to get things finished up.  Still progressing, but moving slowly.  No!  Not only because of my age.  One day you’ll be one of us ol’ folk so don’t go makin’ fun.  Oh, you want some coffee?  You keep with those negative thoughts and I’ll dump a spoon of sugar in the cup.  Ahhh, good.  I threw in a couple of extra scoops this mornin’.
     It’s been awhile since I’ve thrown some coffee into the pot out on the trail.  Oh, I know that everyone walks the trail of life, but I mean a trip, a trek, a journey.  Just like some of those we used to traipse on.  But there is something about coffee ’round the campfire; hmmm, come to think of it, there’s something ’bout coffee in the kitchen.  Take a whiff, smell the aroma, now take a deep, full drink.  There’s nothin’ yuh can say, but “ahhhh.”
     Yuh know, pard.  Kinda reminds me of the way we should take each day.  The Holy Spirit is with us so whether we’re out on the trail headin’ for some particular place, or just ridin’ around, or just sittin’ at home in the kitchen, we can be assured of His presence.  We can sorta relax and say “Ahhhhh, this is the day the Lord has made, rejoice in it.”  An’ remember, a day is just a day.  One more day on the trail of life.
     But pard, that doesn’t mean yuh go gettin’ careless.  Stay alert, and check that cinch.