Coffee Percs

He wasn’t going to do any shooting until tomorrow anyway.  But, if he was going to do that, he’d want some coffee first.”
              –C.J. Petit (Ben Gray)

Had trouble throwing my legs out of bed this mornin’, pard.  Glad yuh showed up.  Don’t yuh go to worryin’, I’m not gettin’ the guns out to do any shootin’, but I see that the mouths are already beginnin’ to shoot their mouths off.  Just raises the bile in my ol’ gizzard.  One of the best resolutions I’ve ever made was to stay away from the media–quit readin’ that junk they spout off.
    Some call it “spinnin'” but they tell lies, no matter which way yuh go to look at it, an’ it’s just startin’.  Yep, elections are about a hundred days off.  So right now I’m goin’ to enjoy my coffee, not do any shootin’ and try to ignore all the junk out there.  Course I know we should keep up with what’s happenin’, but yuh sure can’t trust the media to be truthful, nor many folk any more either.  Don’t yuh worry, my guns will be handy.
    Read where someone the other day was questionin’, “is the media the enemy of the people?”  Well, pard, it shouldn’t be, but in these days, the media has their agenda and it sure ain’t Bible-friendly, nor friendly to those who follow Christ and His teachin’s.  
    Ahhhh, that soothes the gizzard, sure don’t want actin’ up.  Yuh know, I don’t know what’s happened to plain ol’ common sense anymore.  Instead of bein’ practical, followin’ God’s rules, people want their own way.  Guess it’s always been that way, but more so than ever, and it’s continually in the news.  I’m a-thinkin’ that the days are comin’ where the good Lord steps upon His heavenly mount to come back and take His sealed ones on home.  Don’t know if He’ll be servin’ steak an’ potatoes, or biscuits ‘n’ gravy, but He’s goin’ to have a grand supper for us.  Surely, He’ll have some heavenly apple pie.
    Yep, that time’s here.  I mean the time for us to part for the coffee pot’s empty.  Sure didn’t waste much time.  At least yuh’ve had yur coffee before gettin’ on with Saturday business.  Take care, ride tall and straight.  Coffee’s in yuh, so if yuh have to do any “shootin'” yur ready.  Hey did yuh check yur cinch?