Coffee Percs

He went back to the house and decided to have some of the apple pie she had left him.  Before he cut it, he decided to make himself some coffee to go with it.  The coffee was strong but good, and the pie was even better.”
              –Robert J. Thomas (The Reckoning)

Ahhhh, tastes really good this mornin’, don’t yuh think pard?  Pure delight, makes a person glad he’s still alive.  Well, here’s another day the Lord has given us.  Don’t want to be taken any of those for granted.
    Saw that the state board of education voted and those smart folk in Austin saw fit to say that those who fought and died in the Alamo are still “heroic.”  There was a fuss led by a professor, who is definitely more enlightened than the rest of us in Texas, to remove “heroic” from textbooks and not have it discussed in the classroom.  He said it is a simplistic term and there are more important things to be discussing; that these men were rebels and disobeyed orders.  Stupidity is running rampant these days.  And hang on tight, pard, if the liberals get back in control.  Just like this here revisionist they have an agenda.
    That’s one reason I’m goin’ to enjoy my coffee.  I may not be as enlightened as that professor, but I know what a hero is, those that sacrificed their life for others to enjoy a free life.  You best beware of what’s comin’ at yuh, pard.
    Did I mention apple pie?  Nah, just in my dreams, but since we did go to the orchard yesterday, there sure might be one in my future.  If’n it was baked and yur around I’d share a piece with yuh.  Better than manna.  My sweet wife has many wonderful talents, and toward the top is her pie-makin’ ability.  Yep, for sure, there’ll be plenty of coffee to go with it.
    Did yuh see some of the things they accused the person nominated for the Supreme Court.  Hatred sure spewed forth.  Lies, well, for sure that ought to tell yuh who their “father” is.  Plus the fact that they’re afraid he’ll help make abortion illegal.  Imagine that, the killing of babies, illegal.  Talk about stupidity.  Pard, there’s a day of reckonin’ ahead.
    Sorry, did’t mean to end on a sour note.  Let’s finish the coffee an’ I’ll let yuh be on yur way with all the doin’s that yuh need to be doin’ today.  Ahhhh, that last sip, still good, though not quite as hot.
    Yuh have a good day and week pard.  Go with the Lord and be sure and check yur cinch.