Coffee Percs

The only coffee in the place I could find was from a Folgers can that had been open for six months, the taste a bit off as it slid down.  All things considered, though, it was hot and caffeinated, far from the worst I’d had.”
              –Dustin Stevens (Cover Fire)

Don’t get me riled, pard, jist sit yurself down and drink yur coffee.  Yuh know I’ve tried, an’ done a pretty good job of it this year, to not read of the parade that takes place in the nation’s capital.  Why is it that something simple has to be made into a circus?  They’re, mainly the media, tryin’ to do it here in Texas.  My mercy, the man runnin’ against Senator Cruz is a complete mental flake.
    ‘Nough of that, let’s drink coffee and think of better things.  Yeah, I know, can’t ignore what’s happenin’, but I sure don’t have to get involved, can’t anyhow, they wouldn’t listen to an ol’ fence post like me.  One thing I do know for certain, is that the Lord’s in charge.  Pretty sure I heard the heavenly wranglers gettin’ the horses ready up in that golden corral.
    Ahhhh, that coffee’s good this mornin’.  We’re gettin’ the steel mounts ready to head on up to Pennsylvania, Carlisle to be exact, to see the wife’s older brother.  Have to be drinkin’ my coffee now an’ on the way.  No coffee in their house, even though he’s one of the crew.  Everyone has their quirks.
    Whooeee, yesterday was a feast.  We all made another trip to the Amish Market.  They make some good biscuits there, and I like their chipped beef gravy topped with a couple of eggs.  My mercy did it taste good.  Then since we’re back here in Maryland I’ve been a hankerin’ for some of those crabcakes.  Well, the daughter made some last night and let me tell yuh pard, they were plumb delicious.  On top of that we had some cake and pumpkin pie.  No, I’m not as fat as an ol’ toad-frog.
    I might be changin’ my looks.  The daughter thinks I should grow a beard.  I really don’t want to be hidin’ my pretty face, but I might do it for a change.  Maybe one like ol’ Bill used to have.  
    I know it’s gettin’ to be a long note, but yuh haven’t finished yur coffee yet and I want to tell this story.  A bunch of us had a huntin’ camp, Heaven-Sent Camp, and of course we shared bringin’ in the coffee.  There was an old Folgers can kept in the kitchen and whatever kind we brought we just dumped it in the can.  One of the boys was sayin’ that the only coffee he would drink was Folgers.  He never would believe us when we told him that he had been drinkin’ a conglomeration of coffee over the years.  Guess the can changed the flavor.
    I see the cup’s now empty, as is the pot.  We all need to be headin’ down the trail.  Who knows, I might be back in Texas for the next sharin’ of a cup with yuh.  Yuh be sure to stay aware, and on the right side of things.  Don’t let yur gizzard start to grumble and for goodness sakes–check yur cinch.