Coffee Percs

With the handle wrapped in his handkerchief, he took up the coffeepot.  He stepped around the fire and poured, savoring scent and steam.”
              –Ralph Peters (Valley of the Shadow)

Morning, Pard.  Yep, graylight’s beginnin’ to show.  I slept in some as the wife and I arrived home yesterday evenin’.  Sure was nice that the baby daughter and her kids were at the house and had the soup on.  That’s somethin’ their mother taught them, she learnt it from Granny:  have the soup on when travelers come in from their wanderin’s.  Not only was it hot, but it was more than soup–chicken ‘n’ dumplin’s, the coffee was on, and she even made some cookies.  Made me feel right at home; hmmm, I was at home.
    Coffee’s pretty good this mornin’; take a deep sip.  Ahhhh…wife made the coffee, not bad.  That should get yuh goin’ for the day.  We saw a bunch of country on the way home.  The good Lord kept his hands on us.  We traveled mostly secondary and back roads.  Very little traffic–that was nice, in fact, along the Natchez Trace almost no traffic.  Drive is a little slower, but that’s all right.  Get tired of people rushin’ here and there.
    Don’t want to get my gizzard riled, but the vote on the Judge is today.  Folks have to understand that this vote ain’t about what he might have done.  It’s a vote on the light versus darkness.  I just can’t understand why they have made this a feminist thing; can’t understand why a mother would want to put their unborn infant to death.  Well, pard, we’ll see.
    Good to be back.  I’m a little achy.  We hiked down to see Jackson Falls along the Trace and I pulled a muscle in my upper right calf.  Been hobblin’ on it a couple of days now.  The ol’ fence post gets a few extra aches this days.
    Pard, lots of nonsense is startin’ so yuh better right alert an’ ready.  For goodness sake, be sure an’ check yur cinch.