Coffee Percs

Coffee’s ready, and it’s the way you bronco bustin’ western men like it…hot, black, and strong enough to float a horseshoe.”
              –Lou Bradshaw  (Along the Way)

Morning to yuh, pard.  I got up ‘fore graylight to get the coffee ready; figured yuh be comin’ by sometime this mornin’.  Ahhh, nice to be back in the house and drinkin’ that hot nectar.  One thing ’bout bein’ on the road is that there are places that have sufficient tastin’ coffee, but few where it really hits the spot.  Don’t why I didn’t do it, but I usually keep a pot on the steel mount when I’m out travelin’.  Taste that coffee; yuh wouldn’t believe it, but I’ve seen folk put water in my coffee sayin’ it’s too strong.  Some things yuh just can’t figure out.
    Like the election comin’ up.  For the life of me I just can’t figure out why folk would vote socialist.  Shows they don’t know their history.  Also shows somethin’ of their character.  Listen, nothin’s free–yuh better get that through yur noggin’.
    I took a trip to the city yesterday.  Tell yuh what, I’ve sure gotten used to the sounds out in the country.  The noise in the city, well, it’s downright annoyin’!  ‘Bout the biggest racket I hear out here is from the crows.  Now for sure they can make a racket, but it’s not like the trucks, cars, and other noises where there’s loads of people.
    Ahhhh, go ahead, finish that cup, there’s plenty more.  I know a person can hear the voice of the Lord in the city.  That ol’ parson, D.L. Moody had been prayin’ for more of God and the Lord visited him on the streets of the big city.  But to my way of thinkin’, the silence that can be found in His great majestic cathedral that He created makes it easier.  Either place, the key is to be a-listenin’!  That’s one thing that’s happened since I’ve retired, at least to a certain extent.  I can sit back, read, and ponder more than I used to do.  
    You be havin’ yurself a good week.  Be sure an’ enjoy the Lord’s Day tomorrow, keep yur gun oiled and by yurside, get into yur Bible, and for goodness sake when yuh mount up, check yur cinch.