Coffee Percs

Look at that fire!  It’s our fire, in our own fireplace.  Smell that coffee…and listen to the rain.”
              –Louis L’Amour  (The Rider of the Ruby Hills)

It’s upon us again Pard, another Saturday.  Still rainin’ in some parts; that’s makes the water rise.  No worries at our place, but some are strugglin’ with the threat of floodin’.  Weather is almost as crazy as some of those nuts floatin’ around out there stirrin’ up trouble and wrath.  You be on yur watch!  If you happen to see that ol’ hombre Noah out there, latch onto him.  He’s known to be a good guy to have around durin’ times of high water.
    It was some chilly the first part of the week.  I sat myself down one day, stretched out my legs, and covered myself with my little quilt.  The wife came out a little while later and asked what in the world I was doin’.  I told her “practicin'”  Cold weather will be comin’ our way soon, and thought I just get in some practicin’ for it until it came.  Always good to practice for the expected.
    Goin’ to work on my holster today.  I want it all cleaned and ready just in case I need to slip the ol’ peacemaker in it.  I went to Tombstone a few years back and talked with the sheriff there.  He told me the next time I come back I’d better be packin’.  Don’t know if it was for a showdown, or just for me to be aware that all is not peaceful in this here country of ours.
    Good coffee this mornin’.  The missus bought me some of that 1850 Black Gold coffee.  How ’bout that taste?  Ahhh, makes the gizzard smile despite the troubles in the land.  Speaker of my peacemaker I have a tie with peacemakers on it.  I call it my Bible tie for the Holy Writ says, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God.”  Keep that in mind the next time you strap on that hog-leg.
    Time to be a-gettin’ along down the trail.  You be watchin’ all around you; there could be something on the trail ready to spring out.  And for the sake of yur health and the peace of mind of yur loved ones–check that cinch!