Coffee Percs


“Cup in hand; I walked out on the open air courtyard to do some pondering.”      –Lou Bradshaw

Mornin’ to you there, pard. Yep I know, burnin’ a little daylight. Shore become a bit lazy over the summer. It might be hard to get back in the saddle come another week. But, first sit yurself down and I’ll get the coffee. I’ve already had a cup, should’ve waited, but the aroma was gettin’ to me. Y’all settled? Now let’s do a bit of ponderin’.
I didn’t bother watchin’ any of that hoopla last week but did notice a couple of things that raised a few questions in my poor ol’ brain. Did you see the high fence they had around the DNC? Here I thought they were against puttin’ up fences. Then they showed a sign that photo identification was required and that stumped me to as they have been fightin’ against havin’ that required to vote. And on top of it all they ran the air conditioner. Don’t they heed the advice of their brilliant Secretary of State knowin’ that the AC is more dangerous than terrorists? You can see why in my condition my gray matter is all astir. I ponder all this and some more of the crazy things and I just have to have some coffee to keep the gizzard from gettin’ too riled.
My, pard, you guzzled that cup down this mornin’. I’ll pour another and then I’ll continue, ifn ya can stomach it. The ponderin’ that is, not the coffee. Now I know I’m dumber than an ol’ fence post, but how is it the fault of the Russians that they committed voter fraud and all that other stuff that was hacked? Oh yeah, if the Russians hadn’t hacked them, no one would know. But the crime is that they were hacked–aye, aye, aye.
Let’s finish this pot and think about more pleasant things. Got the wife home, that’s good. Drinkin’ coffee with my pards, that’s good. Hintin’ for a pie, that’s good. Trustin’ that the Lord is takin’ care of me and mine, that’s good. See, despite them ol’ democrats or what I hear them now bein’ called, the American Socialist Party, things are good. Yep, that’s what we need to do, ponder the good, but be ready for the bad.
Goodness, we put that pot away quick. Well, you have a good day now. Don’t take any wooden nickels, and I’ll look to see you again. One more thing, don’t forget to check that cinch before you head out.

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