Coffee Percs

Dinner consisted of beef stew and bread.  She was a pretty good cook.  For dessert they had apple pie.  He ate a good helping of stew and then a big slice of pie.  He finished his pie, washing it down with another cup of hot coffee, and pushed himself away from the table.”
              –Robert J. Thomas  (The Reckoning)

My goodness, yuh look frightful pard; shirt’s torn, scrap on yur face.  Get yurself in here and set yurself down.  What…don’t tell me that yuh went out to do some shoppin’?  They call it Black Friday for a reason, an’ sure guessin’ yuh found out why.  Here, I’ll pour yuh a cup of coffee.  It won’t fix the tear in the shirt or that little addition to yur looks, but it’ll help soothe the gizzard an’ may even help out the soul.
    Ahhh, that help any?  Calm yurself, relax before goin’ out again.  Pard, there’s so many changes takin’ place an’ I’m tellin’ yuh that it’ll soon come to pass that folks won’t be beatin’ each other up, at least not as much, in the future.  Nope, they’ll be doin’ all their shoppin’ on that internet.  
    Remember when I was a kid.  Mom would often do down to Denver to shop the stores.  It was a different time.  The lights, the Christmas decorations, there was not the urgency in shoppin’.  I especially remember that the large stores would have trains runnin’ an’ folks would stand and just enjoy the time watchin’ them.  Maybe folks took time to enjoy the season more.  Why, I see where they even try to get folks to shop on Thanksgivin’ now.  Take away that family day for the frenzy of greed.
    Don’t fret, I see yuh pushin’ yur cup toward me.  I’ll get the pot for a refill.  There’s no rush…is there pard?  Here yuh go, sip it deep and slow.  I was readin’ just yesterday from Luke.  Get this, and get it tight, “…one’s life is not in the abundance of his possessions.”  Now, ain’t that the truth?  We spend so much time gettin’ that we forget to be thankful and givin’.  That’s what we need to be a-doin’–thankin’ and givin’.
    Yur goin’ back out there?  Oh, it’s fur my present, wal then I’ll sure let yuh.  Finish that last cup an’ I’ll be seein’ yuh to the door.  With all the hustle an’ bustle out there yuh be shore and check yur cinch; then hold on tight.