Coffee Percs

A few more minutes they sat there, drinking the last of the coffee and staring up and down the canyon.  Then, he grunted to his feet and tossed the dregs of his coffee onto the coals.”
              –C. Wayne Winkle  (Yancey’s Ride)

Hurry up there, Pard, if yuh want any of this coffee.  The wife and I have got to be headin’ on down the road.  No dark canyons to travel through, but have some woods and swamp land to cross over.  One of those quick, but necessary trips over to Cajun land.  The ol’ steel mount is standin’ there ready, so we’ll leave to catch the stage over at the daughter’s house.
    Ahhh, taste that coffee.  The eldest granddaughter ground some up for me yesterday.  Say, I’ve got to relay a story I heard.  Seems there was a mother talkin’ while standin’ in line at the WalMart.  She had bakin’ supplies:  cake mix, brownie mix, etc.  She was tellin’ the person that she was goin’ to make sure her daughters could cook things from scratch.  Now, that made me chuckle a bit.  Guess “scratch” means different things to different people.  Let me tell yuh, pard, that made me scratch my head some.
    Here, I want to share a little ditty with yuh before I leave.  It’s one of those songs I couldn’t get out of my head.  Not sure who the composers are, I think those ol’ country boys, Homer and Jethro.

              “On Monday we have bread and gravy,
              On Tuesday it’s gravy and bread.
              On Wednesday it’s gravy on toast,
              On Thursday it’s muffins instead.
              On Friday it’s rye bread and gravy,
              On Saturday it’s gravy on cake…
              But Sunday’s a treat, ’cause we never get meat
              We have gravy without any bread.”

Sing that when yuh get home and it yuh don’t get clobbered with the rollin’ pin, maybe the missus’ll make yuh some biscuits and gravy.
    Got to be headin’ on out.  Don’t fret, I’ve checked the cinch on my ol’ silver steed.