Coffee Percs

The men moved to the counter and nodded in affirmation as the waitress held up a pot of coffee.  Around here, all the farmers started meals, important conversations, and sometimes even arguments with a stout cup of coffee.”
              –Tracie Peterson (Where My Heart Belongs)

    Coffee’s ready, it’s not even graylight yet so maybe my pard is still in bed.  I knew it; just as soon as I started in without yuh, yuh’d be ridin’ up.  Sit down, I’ve had a few sips and will warm mine up right after I pour yurs.  I was wonderin’ if yuh were gonna make it this mornin’, sure hope that ol’ rheumatize ain’t actin’ up on yuh.  What?  Now it’s the gout.  Well, my goodness pard, yur gettin’ to be a mess.
    I reckon yuh’ve been watchin’ too much of that idiot box spoutin’ out the news.  Sorry, about that slip of tongue for there’s really little news, mostly it’s lies, agendas, and hatred.  But that’s the world we live in.  Sure glad the Lord rides along with us when we head out on the trail.
    Sure do like that Folgers 1850 coffee.  Wonder what they do different from their regular made coffee?  From what I’ve read and heard and researched, Folgers was the first coffee company comin’ out of San Francisco in 1850.  Yuh hear a lot about Arbuckles, but it didn’t start ’til after the Civil War.
    Ahhh, ready for a refill?  Yuh know I firmly believe that the steps of the righteous man is directed by the Lord.  Sure don’t know why He allows somethings along the trail, well, that’s not exactly true, but maybe I don’t understand them is a better word for there are places in the Good Book that shows the “why.”  James 1, is an example.  But, back to my thought, if I don’t get back, it’ll be swimmin’ up there in that gray matter and might drown.  Hmmm, good thing I have some of it written down here.  The Lord directs our steps along the trail.  Well, yesterday I entered into contract with a publishing company for my books.  Kinda of excitin’ for an ol’ codger like me.  Looks, prices, and other such stuff will be a-changin’.  Let me also give yuh a hint, I’m workin’ on one ’bout Tom Franks.  Remember him from Mal de Ojo.  Hopefully it will be out by spring.
    Another pot empty–wonder if we could mark the calendar by the pots of coffee that we’ve drunk together?  Pard, yuh watch out for any hostiles lurkin’ around.  Or wolves either, for they are there ready to pounce, rip and tear yuh apart.  Keep yur gun handy along with yur Bible and yuh should be ready.  But for goodness sakes, don’t forget to check yur cinch.