Coffee Percs

He made his coffee and went into the cold room and found the apple pie.  He brought it out and cut a piece.  It was a perfect ending for a good day.  It was a great pie.  He put it back in the cold room and finished his coffee.”
              –C. J. Petit (Gus)

Pard sit yurself down.  The week shore was a dismal one.  I wanted to make this Saturday, light, fun and carefree, but the ol’ world won’t let me.  My gracious, with all of the bureaucratic shenanigans goin’ on and the hatred that is bein’ spewed out, well, pard, sometimes I wonder just how long the Lord’s gonna wait.
    Suppose yuh heard ’bout that law passed in New York.  There’s gonna be some quiverin’ livers and legs come Judgment Day.  Just what in the world are people thinkin’?  Pard, they’re a-comin’; I’m tellin’ yuh, they’re a-comin’.  Maybe not the bureaucrats with their laws, but them along with the forces of evil.  Things are gonna get badder than they are now.  
    So, in the above quotation I had to throw somethin’ in that might make yuh smile–the thought of an apple pie.  Now, I don’t have one handy right now, and I just finished the blackberry pie, that the wife made, but come tomorrow she is supposed to be fixin’ one up.  The ol’ boy above went to the cold room and found a pie.  Ha, that shore don’t happen ’round here.  Those pies are devoured ‘most as soon as they come out of the oven.  When the Lord passed out talents, He sure gave my gal a super double-portion of pie-making ability; I’m a still lookin’ for mine.  She makes the pies and I brew the coffee; my aren’t we just made for each other!
    Yuh best be prayin’ for yur young’uns as they face the evil that is upon the world.  It’s always been here, but now it’s raisin’ it’s ugly head higher and higher.  All kinds involved, but for shore the media, bureaucrats, and those high-falutin’ snobs called entertainers.  How long will the Lord’s mercy be lastin’?
    Fight the good fight, pard.  Keep the guns oiled and handy; be a prayin’ and gettin’ the Word down deep in yur heart.  Don’t yuh be goin’ out haphazardly, but be alert, and my goodness, be sure an’ check that cinch.