Coffee Percs

He drank coffee and stared into the fire lost in thought.  He watched the sparks snap and fly then get drawn up the chimney.”
              –Dave P. Fisher (Where No Man Rules)

Pard, be gettin’ yurself in out of the cold.  Coffee’s ready, go ahead, take a sip.  Now, I’ve been ponderin’–if that little rodent Phil is so smart then why is he dumb enough to get out of a night warm burrow to run outside in the cold?  He’s gonna tippy-toe out in the freezin’ cold just so he can see if there’s gonna be more winter.  An’ ‘nother thing, his predictions ain’t no better than those high-paid people who get paid for lyin’.  Hmpf, weathermen, lawyers, and politicians all get paid for lyin’, now ain’t that something.
    Sure hope ya had a good week.  If’n I saw things right, where some folks live it got down-right cold.  Brrr, my poor little tootsies couldn’t take that cold weather any more.  Thought ’bout the times when I was a kid and it would get way down below zero.  There wasn’t any heat in my upstairs room, and my bed was by the window.  I can remember, my feet comin’ out from under the covers and touching the window and it would be ice.  Brrr, makes me shiver to think of it; let me swaller some of this coffee ‘fore I continue.  Yuh know, we did what we had to so, and we survived.  But some folk will have it rough.
    Ahhh, don’t be leavin’ so soon, it’ll make me want to get up and just sit and stare at the fire.  Guessin’, from what I’m readin’, that this is the time to declare if yur runnin’ for President.  My mercy, look at the, the, sorry Pard, I’m tryin’ to think of a decent name for them, those who are runnin’.  If any of those cahoots would get elected, it would surely be a fright.  Makes me want to get the shotgun down, have it ready.  Get some extra shells and ca’tridges for the pistol, but not gonna fret over that now.
    Saw a picture of my ol’ buddy Bill this week.  He used to sit ’round the fire and enjoy coffee.  Yuh know Bill’s been passed on for several years now.  He sure blazed many a trail; makes me wonder where he finally ended up.  Always pondered why folks say RIP–rest in peace.  Guess it’s to give them ease of mind, ’cause if they haven’t made their peace with the Lord while soakin’ up life and drinkin’ coffee, they shore ain’t restin’ easy on the other side.  
    Sorry, didn’t want to end on such a somber word.  Take yur last few swallers and yuh can be on yur way.  Yuh ride easy, don’t be in a rush, take time to see what the Lord has fer you this week.
    And my goodness, don’t be a fool, check that cinch ‘fore yuh mount up.