Coffee Percs

He held his cup in both hands, and sipped the hot black coffee with slow pleasure.  He was a coffee-drinking man, and he relished these minutes by the fire, which were too few.”
              –Louis L’Amour  (Kilrone)

    Sure, I know it, I ain’t blind.  Graylight’s already here, you’re here, so…  Well, the coffee’s ready too.  I was just catching a few extra snoozes this mornin’.  Sit down and take that first taste, wait–hold it pard, take a whiff first.  Ahhh, often wondered why they didn’t make perfume like this.
    See where the bureaucrats are goin’ at it again.  Yuh know, it’s one thing to be playin’ politics, and another to show malice and hatred.  What I don’t get it that those elected folk don’t realize they’re playin’ politics with the lives of us here citizens.  Most of them don’t care, especially that liberal side.  Don’t worry pard, I’m not goin’ to get the gizzard riled this mornin’.
    Was yur sweetie good to yuh this week?  More important, were yuh sweet to yur sweetie?  Understand, fully understand, fer it’s hard for an ol’ codger like you to be sweet.  Most of it has run out of yuh over the years.  But take this ol’ fence post, the sweetness just oozes from the splinters.
    Ahhh, coffee’s good.  Lord sure knew what He was doin’ makin’ that coffee bean.  ‘Course He always knows what He’s a-doin’ that’s why I chose to ride the trail with Him long ago.  ‘Course, He’s had to take care of me more than a time or two.  Was wounded once, and He put some of that balm of Gilead on me and it shore did me right.
    Want yuh to know, my newest book will be headin’ to the publisher next week.  My first book just came out in a new edition.  There was a title and cover change.  To my way of thinkin’ it looks good.
    Yuh be takin’ it easy on the trail this week.  Don’t get yourself all riled, and for mercy’s sake, stay alert.  There’s storms a-brewin’ an’ yuh have to be right careful out in that evil world.  Be sure yuh don’t go places without the Lord by yur side.  I’ll talk to yuh again, that is, if’n yuh don’t forget to check yur cinch.