Coffee Percs

There was plenty of coffee, and my eyes lit up for she finished off supper by bringing in a custard pie.”
              –D.C. Adkisson  (The Evil Eye)

“I’ll take a bone and a cactus root, a hunk of taller, and an old brown boot…” say Pard, don’t be sneaking up on me.  Huh?  If I wasn’t singin’ so loud and off key I would have heard yuh poundin’ on the door.  Well, sit yurself down, coffee’s on its way.  I know it’s not even graylight yet, but didn’t yuh happen to notice that the porch is now finished?  Yep, that does it for the outside of the house, except one place that needs some paint after bein’ fixed up.  ‘Course there’s plenty of landscaping to do.  A load of dirt is supposed to be hauled in on Monday.  We’re not plannin’ on doin’ much; want to leave it as natural as possible.
    I’m workin’ on my fourth book in the Elias Butler series.  I sure hope you’ve read some of them.  It helps me buy coffee and beans and the fixin’s for Annie’s pies.  Speakin’ of the gal, and this is no disrespect, but she shore does look good and gets around good for an ol’ gal.  Yep, tomorrow is the big 7 0.  Yeehaw!  An’ this galoot has had the good Lord bless me with the opportunity to spend most of it with her.
    Tryin’ to stay away from readin’ ’bout politics.  It’s shore gonna get crazy.  I’ve been readin’ from that ol’ preacher of olden days–Isaiah.  Israel was a mess, and it seems like we’re about to surpass it in our stupidity.  I’ve been tryin’ to formulate some thoughts in my gray matter and when I get them put together I’ll share with yuh pard.  What?  Comin’ up, right now you’d like for me to share some more coffee.  Hmmm, makes me wonder how many cups we’ve shared together over the years.
    Sure glad I’ve got my .44 and shotgun handy.  I have an ol’ Mossberg.  To hold it or the revolver is a comfort, but sure not the same as holding my Bible.  In these days, it seems that most people aren’t comforted.  Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me.  You be safe…watch out for those “cino” lovers out there and for goodness sake tighten up that cinch.
This day in the Texas Revolution:  Amon King and his 14 men are executed.  General Tolosa arrive with his men near the Alamo in San Antonio.