Coffee Percs

Nothing like good old java, thick as molasses, and boiled in a lard pail over a camp-fire.  It gives a guy a kind of warm feeling when it hits the bottom of that empty belly.”  
              –Richard P. Hobson, Jr.  (Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy)

Lay out yur ankles under the table, pard, while I get the coffee poured.  Sure does feel good to have that mornin’ time before the day’s anxieties take over.  Ahhh, good coffee this mornin’. 
    I’ve been workin’ on my new book.  It’s takin’ me back to my youthful days of runnin’ in the foothills.  Just had my 3rd Elias Butler novel reprinted and another one, The Shepherd printed.  If yuh need somethin’ to spend yur time doin’, grab one and read it.
    I went to the hardware store the other day.  Lady handed back my change, she said, “Here’s your dime back.”  Reminded me of the old days.  The story of my Grandpa Jones came to mind.  He went out to eat one time and slammed his hand down on the table when he found out that coffee cost as much as it did.  He exclaimed, “A dime for a cup of coffee; that’s outrageous!”  Nowadays folks out there will pay close to $10 for a cup of that there cino stuff.  Did I ever tell yuh that I had a cino one time?  Yep, don’t know if it was a frappycino or a crappycino, just know it was terrible.  I like to have a cup of coffee after supper, but just can’t bring myself to pay over a dollar for a cup of coffee, and it would be weak at that.
    Kind of reminds me of those Pharisees.  They would parade themselves around town in their fancy duds, turn up their nose at the common and down-and-out folk, and pontifical things would flow from their mouths.  They have all that froth on top and if there is any real “coffee” in them it is weak and watered down.  Snowflakes are kinda the same way.  Fluff and phelgm and very little character.
    Drink ‘nother cup of that coffee; try to keep the water out of it as much as possible.  ‘Course have to have some, as I want it to flow down the gullet to my gizzard.  Thank the good Lord for small blessings; everyday blessings.
    You take care and don’t let anyone be foolin’ you come Monday.  Another month gone already–nothin’ stops the march of time.  Don’t be foolin’ yurself either–check that cinch.