Coffee Percs

No coffee can be good in the mouth that does not first send a sweet offering of odor to the nostrils.”
              –Henry Ward Beecher

Smell that aroma; ahhh, no, not you–the coffee, just sit back before takin’ a sip and inhale.  Mmmm, mmmm, go ahead Pard, now yuh can guzzle it.  There are some things that just have that wonderful, special smell.  Bacon, bakin’ bread, steak on a grill, and, of course coffee.  There are those smell-goods that we buy to perk ourselves up and to help us not annoy others with our fleshly smell.  Take another sniff, Pard, then a long, deep sip.  Ahhh, helps relieves the woes.
    There is the smell of the rain, that revives the flowers and grass.  There is even a special aroma of a cold, crisp, snowy mornin’ when the air is fresh and so still.  The Lord tells us that He enjoys the aroma of a sacrifice.  Makes me wonder, since we are to be livin’ sacrifices, what kind of aroma we give off to Him?  In fact, He tells us that we are to be a special aroma to those around us.
    Hmmm, well Pard, you shore don’t smell like coffee, or freshly baked bread.  Let me take a sniff…  Yes, I realize today is Saturday and you’ll take yur weekly bath tonight.  There must be some kind of spiritual aroma that can be detected in the spirit of a person, not necessarily the nose for Pard you shore don’t smell like a rose, nor a petunia either.  Though there are those out there that wish folks like us would smell more like lilacs.  No, my mercy, Pard!  Smell like a man, not a sissy, don’t whine or whimper.
    Now where in the world did that come from?  More coffee?  Ahhh, settle myself down.  In thinkin’ ’bout smells, there’s some bad ones out there:  skunks, rottin’ flesh, garbage, flatulence.  We have those types of aromas around us, whoooeee, they can give off an odor.  Maybe what’s worse is the smell of a rottin’ spirit.
    Well, Pard, another pot done drunk dry.  Yuh be sure an’ take that bath, for that human smell, and get into the Word so that you can give off a sweet spiritual smell to those around you and to the Lord.  Hmmm, sorta like checkin’ yur spiritual cinch.