Coffee Percs

The coffee was ready, so I picked up a cup from the shelf, wiped out the inside, and poured a cup.”
              –D.C. Adkisson  (The Shepherd)

Come in Pard, you can check the cup before I pour, but I did wipe it out, honest.  Put aside watching the clowns and their silliness for a while–those folk, the liberals and the media haven’t a clue.  I want us to think of somethin’ downright solemn whilst we drink our coffee.
    That Saturday, after the crucifixion, think what it must have been like.  It must have been a dull and dreary day.  Peter the Rock and the Sons of Thunder were moanin’, sittin’ back in the corner huddled, holding their arms around their knees waitin’ for a knock at the door to arrest them.  Andy must have burst out in the first version for he first started hummin’ then singin’, “gloom despair agony on me, deep dark depression, excessive misery…”  I’ll tell yuh, there weren’t no joy in that room.  Martha, always havin’ to have somethin’ to do, what wipin’ off the only table for the sixth time, Mary was sprawled in fetal position on the cot, and the other Mary just sat in a daze.  Yep, they were a sorrowful sight, and who knows where the rest of them were a-hidin’.  Perhaps ol’ Bart was back under the tree, holdin’ it tight.
    Go ahead, swallow that coffee, there’s plenty more.  Sunday mornin’ was comin’ ’round and before graylight they were awake.  Not movin’, just starin’ up at the ceilin’.  Martha was up, had the coffee made, but no one was sayin’ a word.  She was puttin’ things together for the women were plannin’ on goin’ to the tomb to place spices and ointments on the body of Jesus.  Mary, that one called Magdalene, was out already, probably moonin’ in the garden, just wonderin’ and a-wanderin’.  Pard, it was a sorrowful sight.
    The coffee was on the table, just sittin’, gettin’ cold.  No one wanted to do anything.  In the darkness, the gray was just beginnin’ to appear, Mag burst in the door, cryin’, actin’ in her ol’ hysterical self.  Mutterin’ nonsense that the body of Jesus had been stolen, taken away by someone.  Rock and John ran out the door to check on her word, while James just moaned and rolled over on the floor to face the wall.
At the tomb they were told that Jesus had risen.  Good ol’ Rock and John just stared at each other and went into the tomb.  Nothing, no body, only grave linens.  Mag followed them, but then saw a man, a gardener and she thought He might be able to tell her somethin’.  Then the man spoke her name, “Mary.”  Whoopti–Pard, she recognized Him.  He sure enough was risen!
    Pard, just imagine that Saturday goin’ into Sunday.  Finally, the Lord appeared to the Rock, and the others.  Listen, if yuh don’t do nothin’ else today, you be sure to understand that He is risen.  Just think, because of that we have the way to eternal life.  Say, if’n yuh don’t check yur cinch yuh might just get there sooner than yuh figured.
Today in the Texas Revolution:  Houston moves his army to Buffalo Bayou.  Sidney Sherman engaged the Mexican army with a cavalry attack.