Coffee Percs

I poured a full cup from the soot-covered coffeepot.  Blew on and sipped at the kind of belly wash that’s grow hair on a saddle.”
                 –J. Lee Butts (Ambushed)

Sit yurself Pard.  That ol’ codger J. Lee makes some strong coffee.  I’ve been told that mine is strong, but don’t think it’s ever been compared to Miracle-Gro or any other type of fertilizer.  Hmmm, might try it though as I need to be gettin’ some grass growin’ in the yard.  Say, wonder if yuh rubbed on yur scalp it’d help some of those folks with thin hair.  ‘Course the way some are, they couldn’t get any growin’ up on top for grass sure ‘nough won’t grow thro’ the concrete.  You go ahead an’ take a sip; made some of that Black Gold.
    That makes me think, an’ that’s a chore sometimes.  When I glance at the news, which is rare, or go traipsin’ out I find that there are plenty of hard-headed folk out there.  Yuh couldn’t get common sense blasted in their noggin’ with a stick of dinymite.  But, on the other hand, there’s sure plenty of the other kind as well–those with empty heads; why yuh can hear the nuts an’ bolts just rattlin’ ’round.  My Mom, bless her heart, used to park in downtown Boulder.  I’d ask her what she was doin’ and she would just say, watchin’ people.  Maybe that’s what she was tryin’ to figure out–which ones were hard-headed and which ones were empty-headed.
    How does that coffee suit yuh?  I was tempted to make it the way the ol’ coosie taught me, but then instead of growin’ hair, if’n yuh spilt it on the table it might take off the varnish.  Hate to see, if it would remove hair.  Say, just saw a glance where the new Jeopardy champ said that he didn’t think he could handle a 9-5 job.  Sure would hate to have him out on range with us back in the day.
    Ha, back in the day; now ain’t that the truth.  Lots of changes, and for the most part the majority of them ain’t so good than they were back in the day.  Joints ache too, well, back in the day that didn’t happen.  We sure ‘nough need to check our backtrail now an’ then, but it don’t do us no good to sit and stare.
    Hope the coffee was to yur satisfaction this mornin’.  Me an’ the missus are fixin’ to head out to see the daughter.  She’s havin’ one of them garage sales.  You have to walk carefully ’round those things; yuh know that’s where they discard old things.  Ha, not to say yur old Pard, but if’n yuh don’t check yur cinch when yur out ridin’ all sorts of things might happen.