Coffee Percs

She inhaled the aromas as if it were roses.  It seemed that most elderly people she knew drew the breath of life itself from coffee.”
                  –Elmer Kelton

Welcome, Pard.  What?  You’ve been waitin’?  Sorry, I was just lazin’ in the bed, watchin’ graylight come up.  But the sun’s not up yet, or so you’d notice with all the rain clouds.
    I was thinkin’ some ’bout Mother’s Day.  Yuh do have a mother, don’t yuh, pard?  As cantankerous as you get at times, I wonder.  Well, I tell you it took three mothers to wrangle me when I was a young’un.  Yep, there was my Mom, and my Grandma Adkisson, and my Aunt Bern.  Why, goodness, a person couldn’t have asked fer more.
    Mercy, pard, yuh sure went through that cup in a hurry.  Don’t yuh be worryin’, I’ve got a whole pot full for us to be a-swallowin’.  Oh, Jim Folger knew what he was doin’ when he formed his company back in San Francisco in 1852.  I reckon this Black Gold coffee is a salute to him.
    Yep, mom’s are good to have around.  Why without them a person just can’t be born.  And another thing, without them a person just can’t be nurtured and brought up right.  With all the whoopin’ and hollerin’ goin’ on out there makes me wonder if any of them whimperin’ fools had a mother.  Why the way they carry on at times, well, it sure makes me wonder.
    Maybe here in the future, I’ll have some of that Arbuckles coffee.  Originally, it came from Pittsburgh, yep, a couple of brothers John and Charles Arbuckle started it.  For some reason the original company went under, but now it’s bein’ roasted again by some folk in Tucson.
    Well, all the moms that raised me have been gone a spell.  Still have the best one around though.  My gal, Annie, she and I have shared many a cup of coffee together.  The good Lord knew what He was a-doin’ by bringin’ us together.  She shore did a super job raisin’ our two girls, and now they have followed her teachin’ and way and are raisin’ up a crew of God-fearin’ young’uns.
    What?  Yuh can’t linger this mornin’?  Still have to get yur mom a gift.  Well, yuh best be gettin’ on down the road, for the stores will be gettin’ busy.  Now you be careful out there; the creeks are risin’ and there’s storms still on the way.  If yur ridin’ through some of that high water, I sure hope you done already checked yur cinch.