Coffee Percs

He wrapped his bandana around his hand and reached for the coffeepot, refilling his cup before he spoke.”
              –Ralph Compton (The Goodnight Trail)

You’ve got t’ walk that lonesome valley…  Hey, Pard, good mornin’ to yuh.  What was I doin’?  Why couldn’t yuh tell, I was singin’.  What?  It sounded more like I was callin’ the hogs.  Well, that gets me t’ thinkin’ that I might not serve you some of this, delicious, hot, black, steaming coffee that I just made.  Ha!  That’d fix yur britches.  But you know I’m not that mean.
    Good week–seems like the Lord has them gettin’ gooder an’ gooder.  He sure does bless us, and that’s a fact!  I just can’t figure out why some folk take the notion that He doesn’t exist.  Well, I feel downright pity for some of them.  Why, listen as yuh sip yur coffee.  Out here on the deck, listen to that symphony of birds, along with that one drummer a peckin’ on that tree over yonder.  Say, early in the week, there was a basso-profoundo, joinin’ in with them.  Yep, he was croackin’ right along with the cardinals carryin’ the melody.
    I know we all make mistakes in life, but it’s a downright shame that some people go through life livin’ it as a fool.  Fools are dangerous folk, and right now it’d be foolish of me not to give yuh a refill.  Just read all the things the Bible says about a fool, and then watch or read the news.  I’ll tell yuh right now, that’s downright scary.  There are some of them that are so uppity they just let stuff spew out of their mouth not knowin’ what they’re sayin’.
    I’ll tell yuh pard, as for me, I’m goin’ to trust in a sure thing–the good Lord above.  That song I was a-singin’, that next line says, “yuh’ve got to walk it by yourself.”  Well, that ain’t actually true.  It’s true in the sense that you must make the journey through life alone, no one can work out yur salvation.  But on the other hand; the Lord walks it alongside yuh.  
    Say, Pard, my new book will be at the publisher before we meet again next Saturday.  It’s sure a good-‘un.  Now, that road is a-callin’ yuh, huh?  Well, don’t walk it without the Lord by yur side, and He’ll be remindin’ yuh, just like I do every week to be checkin’ yur cinch!  Say, and don’t forget, today is Armed Forces Day–a day to remember those on active duty serving this blessed country of ours.