Coffee Percs

He broke a biscuit, swiped it through the remains of gravy that was still on his plate and popped it into his mouth.  He repeated the maneuver with the other half of the biscuit, then drank the rest of the coffee and rose.”  
                 –Wayne D. Overholsher  (Day of Judgment)

    Mornin’ to yuh, my good friends.  Have to be good friends, someone said to drink my coffee, but yur a faithful one.  Well, my eldest daughter and her family showed up last night.  That’s why I’m late gettin’ the coffee started, but late or not it sure tastes pretty good.
    I was readin’ where Folgers may have started the first company, but quickly ol’ John Arbuckle caught up and surpassed him.  By the turn of the century (1900) he was the king of the coffee makers.  He died in 1924, worth $20 million.  Not bad for a man who roasted beans for a livin’.  It was said that he respected hard work above all else.  Here’s a good one to stick in yur pocket, I know it’s tough for things to be stickin’ in yur mind.  “Only workers with hand and brain are worthy of respect, all else is chaff and rubbish.”  He must have learnt that from the good Lord, “six days shalt thou labor.”
    Speakin’ of stickin’, I sure tryin’ not to let what some of those liberal nitwits say stick in my craw.  My mercy, pard, they are about as idiotic as a person can be.  It’s a wonder they can make it to the breakfast table.  Hmmm, wonder what they would think of my coffee?  But the times are a-comin’, the Lord is gettin’ the trumpet tuned up.  I think ol’ Arbuckle must have had some of those folk in his family.  He was quite the philathropist, but as soon as he died his sisters stopped all of that, and just by coincidence his will was lost.  Hmmm, wonder if Hilary learned from them?  Instead of the vast majority of his estate goin’ to charity, guess who got it?
    Not sure what the day holds, but sure glad I know Who holds it.  Walk in His light, and you sure won’t forget to check that cinch.