Coffee Percs

He adopted a thick blue porcelain mug and approached the coffeepot. The steaming coal-black liquid reflected the lantern light as it bubbled into the mug.  He took a sip and felt it singe the tip of his tongue.”
              –Stephen Bly (Shadow of Legends)

Heard yuh comin’ up the steps.  Take a seat, Pard, I’ll rustle up the coffee.  Here, take a sip of this and things will start to settle down.  I was just wonderin’ how many times I’ve had the tip of my tongue singed by a cup of coffee; also burnt the hair off my tongue a couple of times as well.
    Pard, I was gettin’ ready to see the doc about my eyes.  I was seein’ little specks movin’ about.  It just so happened that I met an ol’ boy and he said he had the same problem–went to the doc and just found out it was coffee grounds floatin’ about.  Well, if’n that’s all it is, reckon I won’t bother those busy folks.
    Ever wonder about people?  For instance, watch what cup a person chooses if there are several different kinds available.  I remember, my Uncle Ted sayin’ one time when he visited that he didn’t want his coffee poured in one of those fancy cups that yuh cayn’t even get yur finger through.  Now, my regular Saturday cup is one from the old Jones’ Café in Boulder.  Yuh know, sittin’ ’round findin’ answers to the world’s problems, or talkin’ ’bout the Lord, well, yuh have to have a good, strong cup to hold yur coffee.  After all, life ain’t no tea-party.
    Sure had a good time out in God’s creation pickin’ blueberries yesterday.  Too bad yuh weren’t along.  They key is, yuh pick two eat one, and so on.  Maybe I can coax the wife into makin’ a blueberry pie.  There was a time in my life when that was my favorite pie.  
    I was readin’ some about Ike and D-Day.  Yuh know he drank 20 cups of coffee a day.  He was just ahead of his time as I just read an article sayin’ that a person could drink up to 25 cups a day without it botherin’ any of their vitals.  That was my Grandpa as well, keep that cup full.  Kinda like life ain’t it–keep yur cup full as yuh travel this old world.  It’ll help yuh stay alert, recognize the crazies, and mindful of the obstacles that come yur way.
    Pard, you have yurself a good week, hyar!  Stay alert and ready, and if’n yuh haven’t checked yur cinch, do so now.