Coffee Percs

It dawned on me that there were so many things we did out here with a cup of coffee in our hands.  We start our days with it and generally it was the last thing we did before climbing into our blankets of a night.”
              –Lou Bradshaw (Blue)

I know it, Pard.  I’m burnin’ daylight, but just you wait.  As soon as you take a swallow of this coffee you’ll forget I runnin’ a little late.  The past few days have been sorta rough–gout attack.  Only had it a couple times before, but this one made me feel worse than a calf with the slobbers.  I have a cousin that has severe gout, and I’ll tell yuh for sure, that I’ll be prayin’ for him more.  Hurts like the dickens!
    What’s been happenin’ in the world out yonder?  I’ve not been keepin’ up with the nonsense of the news since it’s so one-sided.  I did hear that Sarah has resigned as press secretary.  She was a good-un.  It just seems like the bureaucrats try to outdo each other with who can tell the biggest lie.  I know that we ought to keep up with the issues of the day, but yuh just can’t trust what the media is tellin’ you.  Of course, I have heard tell that everythin’ on the internet is the truth.  Ha!  It all gives me gas.
    What?  The wait you was berattin’ me for bein’ late this mornin’ and yuh want a refill.  Well, you know me, Pard, soft and kind-hearted.  Here yuh go.  It’ll keep yuh when yur ridin’ down the road.
    One thing for sure, pain or no, this is the day the Lord has made, and He allowed me to be livin’ in it.  I’m tryin’ to stay concerned with the real business of life and that is servin’ the Lord without complainin’.  My mercy, pot’s dry.  Want me to be makin’ another one?  
    Have to head out do yuh?  Thanks for stoppin’ by the kitchen.  I’m a-watchin’ yuh mount up Pard.  Yuh best be gettin’ down, yuh forgot to check yur cinch.  You’d be off ridin’ and yur ol’ hoss might get startled, and rear up and then where would yuh be?  Prevention is worth an ounce of cure.