Coffee Percs

“He turned and went back inside and filled his cup with coffee.  He carried it out to the porch, and took his time over it.”      –Louis L’Amour

Mornin’ pard; gray light’s approachin’ and I’m still sittin’ here.  Got to get a move on, goin’ to the granddaughters 14th birthday.  Hard to believe that she is starting high school.
Sure wishin’ I could sit with my cup out on the porch and take my time.  Maybe someday.  Things get so hectic, I still haven’t figured out one of the things we have to be doin’ with the computer program.  I’ve meandered through all but the one.  Adds ’bout an hour to my week doing it.  Miss the simple things.
The steel mount is ready to go and if I don’t get movin’ soon it won’t be graylight it’ll be daylight.  You have yourself a good weekend and don’t fret, I’ve checked my cinch.

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