Coffee Percs

Fresh eggs and coffee sat on the dining room table along with butter, cheese and fresh onions picked from the garden plus peppers and herbs filled a bowl sitting in the middle of the table.”
              –J.S. Stroud  (The Old Rider)

Yur just in time.  Coffee’s just finished boilin’, an’ if’n yuh sit yurself down I’ll pour yuh a cup.  Ahhh, hot enough to burn all the hair off yur tongue.  Strong–just like I like it.  Don’t want to be wastin’ time drinkin’ weak coffee.
    It was a fine week that the Lord gave me last week.  How was yourn’s?  On Thursday, I had a grand time speakin’ for the Coldspring Library’s yearly dessert fundraiser.  I told them some stories; stories I tell yuh, not yarns.  Yarns are not truth, but my stories are, at least from my humble perspective, and in my mind.
    Doin’ my best to stay away from the stupidity of politics.  Politics has always been a worrisome game, but it’s somethin’ that we need, but just tell me how some folk can get so crazy and absurd with their ideas?  There seem to be so many whiners out there anymore.  I used to keep a big poster on my classroom wall–NO WHINING.  If people would could quit their whinin’ and fussin’ maybe there could be some work done.  
    Mercy, Pard, yuh guzzled that cup right down, here’s another.  We’ll drain the pot before I finished my jabberin’.  What I was fixin’ to say, was that if I remember right, one of the major sins of the people of Israel; one of the things that kept them out of the Promised Land was all their whinin’.  Bible called it “murmurin'”.  Why they even whined/murmured about how the Lord was takin care of them.  Just look at the table:  enough food to eat, yuh have coffee, and there’s even a wooden table to sit at.  I reckon before we ask for Lord from some of those extra blessin’s to be thrown our way, we need to be thankful for what’s He’s already given us.
    Saw a movie about a young kid ridin’ along with the herd.  The herd started to run and he had to abruptly change direction.  The kid fell right on his head–his cinch had come loose.  Now a-body never know when they might have to do some hard ridin’, so always make sure to check yur cinch.