Coffee Percs

He…accepted a fresh cup of coffee and leaned back in his chair.  He was a man of simple tastes and many appreciations.”
              –Louis L’Amour  (“The Marshal of Sentinel”)

Well, it’s been shore busy since the last time yuh showed up.  What’s that, yuh showed up last week, but the door was locked.  Sorry, but the missus and I had to take the steel horse on a trip over to San Antonio.  No, I wasn’t lookin’ for the Rose, I already have mine, but was visitin’ a friend who turned up kinda puny.  Need to check on him, yuh know how some of those ol’ cantankerous people can be.  Had nice time visitin’ with the ol’ gang.  Kinda miss them.
    Then both the missus and I had a week of gettin’ ready to see the doctor about checkin’ our insides out.  Both of us did right well in the exam, but sure glad that’s over, but the Lord sure is good and is faithful.  He’s been takin’ right good care of us.  
    Say, don’t know if it happened at yur place, but we finally received about twenty minutes of nice rain yesterday.  Shore did need it as we haven’t had any in a month of Sundays.  I had some coffee and we went out to sit on the front porch.  It was refreshin’ to say the least.  Sometimes we just need to take a few moments…  What? Refill?  Shore pard, just wasn’t payin’ any attention to yur cup, so busy with my own.  Back to what I was sayin’, sometimes we need to take a few moments to enjoy the refreshing rain.  Watch it come down and rejuvenate the land.  Hmmm, yuh know, the same is true about the refreshin’ rain of the Holy Spirit when He falls down.  We need to take a few moments and let Him rejuvenate our poor, ol’ depleted souls.
    We just keep gettin’ busier and busier, and with what?  Just plain ol’ busyness.  Well, Pard, don’t get yourself in a tither this week with all the ramblin’s out there.  Stay cool and calm, but stay ready.  Sit tall in the saddle, but before mountin’ up, check that cinch.