Coffee Percs

They sat at the hardwood kitchen table drinking coffee from blue tin cups, talking until dawn.”
              –Stephen Bly  (Stay Away From That City)

Mornin’ to yuh, Pard.  Shake the dust off yur boots, the floors been mopped.  My goodness, look at the calendar.  Not the picture, but the date.  The last day of August.  This year is shore flyin’ by fast.  We’re on the downhill slope now, why in a few days it’ll be fall.  Maybe already is at our house.  Did yuh notice all the leaves layin’ on the ground?  Shore need some rain but not like that one that Florida is goin’ to get.
    What are yuh doin’ lookin’ at that phone?  Calendar?  You have a calendar on yur phone?  My, does it lie like those weather things on the phone?  I means they are complete liars, so figure that the calendar might be lyin’ as well.  Maybe it isn’t really Saturday.  Ever think of that?  Maybe it isn’t really August 31 and that we have everything all mixed and messed up.  I know that the media will try and get yuh to believe almost anything, so why not one of those high-flautin’ phones?
    Whooeee, what is truth anymore?  They’re callin’ it “fake news,” guess they’re just afraid to say the word “lies.”  One thing for sure, that coffee is downright good, and that’s no lie.  It makes the ol’ gizzard light up and say howdy-do, this mornin’.  But, silliness aside, Pard, yuh be careful.  The world belongs to the “father of lies,” and it’ll do anything to make yuh stumble.  Why I heard an ol’ boy tell another to go ahead and ride across that river, bottom is solid.  My mercy, he got only a few yards out and hit quicksand.  Well, that’s the way it is out there anymore.  On the surface things might look bright and be filled with laughter and gaiety, but underneath it’ll suck you right under.  So yuh be testin’ the water first, and also be mindful of who yur listenin’ to.
    I can relate to ol’ Stephen Bly.  Why I can remember family and friends comin’ over an’ we’d sit and talk and when I was younger I’d just listen.  A person can learn quite a bit if he just sips his coffee and listens, especially to older folk.  Them times are close to bein’ gone now.  Too much other stuff, “liars”,” to listen to rather than to sit and talk about good times with the family or friends.
    Well, you listen to this!  The trail might look good, and it may be the one yuh have to take to get where yur goin’, but don’t yuh dare travel it until yuh first checked yur cinch.