Coffee Percs

He got up and walked slowly between us and threw the little bit of coffee he had left onto the fire, where it made a brief, sizzling sound.”
              –Clair Huffaker  (The Cowboy and the Cossack)

Mornin’ to yuh, Pard.  ‘Nother week is past and gone.  Just where does time go?  Yuh have a day, and poof, before yuh knows it, it’s mornin’ of the next day and what did yuh get done?  I’m beginnin’ to understand a little of what ol’ King Solomon was writin’ about in Ecclesiastes.  One day, before yuh know it, yur jist like that there sizzle in the fire of the last few drops of coffee that was left in the cup.  Pard, we got to make the days count, for the Lord is comin’ soon, and the days are evil.
    I was seein’ that I wasn’t welcome to go spend my money in San Francisco any longer.  Yep, they done declared me a terrorist at large.  Ain’t that a kicker?  We are sure a-seein’ and livin’ in a world like never before.  The Lord said it would wax worse and worse until He returned.  Why there is even a person runnin’ for President of these here United States that says a way to curb the population growth is for there to be more abortions.  My mercy!  Yes, we sure are in a sorry state.
    When yuh look at all the craziness it almost makes the coffee taste bad.  No, it wasn’t my brewin’ it’s the state of affairs.  Hmmm, I noticed it didn’t affect yur gizzard, none, yuh drank yur cup down to the last swaller.  I’ll get yuh a refill and we can get on with our chat.
    My, it’s hot and dry here.  A storm will come up and jist slide around this place.  In the spring the lake was full and the water was spillin’ over the top.  Now, they’re only allowin’ a trickle to come out.  That jist shows to go yuh, what I was a-talkin’ about.  Here today–gone tomorrow.  Poof, the hour is gone.  Jist like our time this mornin’.  Sorry, Pard, but it’s time for yuh to be gettin’ on down the trail.  We’ve done drank us a pot of coffee, and if’n yuh don’t get to movin’ yuh won’t get the chores of today done.  Where has our time gone this mornin’?    That’s a good reason to be doin’ for the Lord, and checkin’ that cinch.  With time flyin’ the way it is, yuh jist might forget.  
    Be seein’ yuh, and maybe next week I’ll perk yuh up.  Yuh be travelin’ with the Lord now–He’s our hope.