Coffee Percs

Campire“Taking my tin cup from the saddle bag, I carried it to the fire and pot.  That’s the way I like it…hot and strong.”           –Lou Bradshaw

Moving some slowly today pard, burnin’ daylight, but I made it up in time to get the coffee on before you rode in.  Ahhhh, good stuff, and the way to start the day.  Good way to end the day as well.  Hmmm, I’m a-thinkin’ it’s good most any time of the day.
The pot at school ain’t workin’ so well.  Have to wait most twenty minutes for a cup to come out.  They have that thing-a-muh-jig called “K-Cup”.  Not bad, but not the best coffee either.  More to be convenient.  Might have to start takin’ the thermos.
Been stayin’ away from the news; I don’t want my gizzard all riled up.  Lord help us if that perpetual liar gets elected.  Lord help us anyway, but she is something else.  School’s been good.  Kids better get ready and with the program; they had a wake up call this week.  I had one that was shocked that I would tell her to be quiet and sit down.  I didn’t even use my riled tone, but her eyes got big and I could see she thought “How dare you.”  Whelp, I’ll certainly dare.
Here’s a good one though.  For some reason a student asked what my favorite pie was.  I gave a sensible answer, “covered and uncovered.”  The whole class asked what kind that was.  It was time for a good lesson, and as I was gettin’ ready to present it, one girl began to laugh.  She got it, pie covered is with a crust on top, pie uncovered is without.  That’s my favorite, either way.
Now there should be some kind of moral there.  Let me take another sip and ponder a second.  Hmmm, the K-Cup is nice and convenient like some folk like their worship in church.  Run the water through quickly and let me enjoy.  Nothing like smellin’ the coffee, puttin’ it on to boil and get the aroma movin’ throughout the place, and then sittin’ back and enjoyin’ the presence and the warmth and the comfort.  Yep, there sure is something different about the real thing and convenience.
One thing hard to take–an empty cup and an empty pot, but that’s where it’s at now.  Guess that means time to get movin’.  You have a good week pard.  In your travels this week, don’t you dare mount up without checkin’ that cinch.

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