Coffee Percs

As soon as the coffee was ready we filled our cups.  Then, we took deep swigs and mulled over our current situation.”
              –Tell Cotton (Confessions of a Gunfighter)

Glad yuh could join me, Pard.  Seems like forever since I sat down with yuh over a cup of coffee.  Listen, Pard, there’s strange things happening in the land.  My mercy, the devil is workin’ overtime, and I reckon it’ll get worse.
    There’s so much hate.  Hate like I’ve never seen before.  Why that one Mad Max, no not the movie, the woman, she looks like she has a case of the hydrophoby.  People can be mean, and full of so much hate that it just spews over into what they look like and say.
    More than ever we sure need the Word of God, not only in our hands to read, but in our hearts so that our soul can digest it and we can recall it when the times get tough.  If you look at things out there it is clear to see that there is a famine in the land.  People are starvin’, yet the Word of the Lord is right there for them to eat.  Guess they just don’t want to bother to take the time.  Instead they feed upon the hatred around them, they feed on lies of the world, they fed on amusements and entertainment, which is more of a diet of cotton candy than anything.
    Why, at least when yuh come by my place I have the pot on.  What yuh say, we finish it off?  Yuh be sure to move slow and easy, don’t be makin’ any rash actions, and durin’ yur busy day, don’t forget to check yur cinch.