Coffee Percs

Hunkered down beside the fire, I stirred the coals and got out my cup.  Each of them dug a blackened cup from among his gear and we shared the coffee in my beat-up old pot.  Long ago Pa taught me to share what I had with guests if it was the last I had, although few had done the same for me.”
              –Louis L’Amour  (The First Fast Draw)

Sure been enjoying ourselves up here in northern land.  Of course, Maryland is south of the Mason-Dixon line, but compared to Texas it’s up north.  Nice cool mornin’s, especially of late.
    Don’t dare look at the news; the gizzard will get riled up again with all the craziness that is continuin’.  Folks have lost all the sense the good Lord gave them.  When we lose sight of Him and His ways, all sorts of confusion and stupidity follows.
    They, the bureaucrats, brats, and media, are onto the poor cows and cattlemen.  That passin’ gas from those cows is destroyin’ the world–get rid of the cows.  My mercy, there’s more gas comin’ out of some of their mouths than from any ol’ cow would every make.  A person walking in certain areas of the country better be wearin’ their boots and watchin’ their step.  Yep, Pard, things just aren’t the same anymore.
    Finish yur cup an’ I’ll tell yuh another one.  They’re tryin’ to get rid of our steaks, next will be our coffee unless it’s a cino of some sort.  Up there in Oregon, I’ve heard that high school students, maybe college, are now given stress-free days.  Yep, if one of those poor twinkies has a rough day they can just take off school.  No wonder they whine and cry when they enter the school of hard knocks.
    Coffee’s sure tastin’ good this mornin’.  Maybe ’cause there’s so much out there that leaves a bitter taste in our mouths.  Hate to say it Pard, but the end is not yet.  I look at all the hatred and wonder just how much longer the Lord will wait, but only the minute and hour is known to Him.  I reckon it won’t be long ‘fore we are drinkin’ some of that heavenly coffee.
    Check that cinch, Pard.  There’s folks out there that’ll steal the hat right off your head.  Ha, most of them don’t have a clue as to what a cinch is.