Coffee Percs

He walked over to the forge where he had a coffeepot.  ‘Grab yourself a cup,’ he implored as he picked up the pot bringing it to a little table he had in the corner.  I didn’t hesitate; I took a cup off the shelf, looked inside to make sure there weren’t any spiders or other bugs and saw that it was clean.  He filled our cups then sat down, and I followed his example.”
              –D.C. Adkisson  (Return From Tincup)

“I’m going back to my good old Texas home, home home…” uh, ‘cuse me Pard, but welcome and good mornin’ to yuh.  I was just enjoyin’ my singin’ an’ didn’t hear yuh approach.  It’s a mite chilly here this mornin’, down in the thirties.  The missus and I are gettin’ things ready to head on back to Texas come the morrow.  We’ve had a grand time up with the family, now time to be headin’ on back.  Don’t yuh be frettin’ none, I’ll have the coffee jug filled up an’ ready to go.  
    My eldest gal, Shauna, has her cupboard filled with some fine coffee:  Folgers 1850, Trailblazer.  I read where it’s a commemorative coffee and it don’t taste bad either.  James Folgers started out with the Gold Rush back in California and opened his company–Folgers back in 1850.  Been staying inside and drinkin’ my fill as bein’ up here in this DC area I don’t want to be walkin’ out ’cause of all the “snakes” slitherin’ ’round.  The place up here is full of them; some folk call it “the Swamp”–it’s full of bureaucrats.
    Say, did yuh check yur cup before fillin’ it this mornin’?  I’ve seen some strange varmints in cups before; once I even saw a mouse fried to a frizzle in a toaster.  That’ll make yuh lick yur lips.  Listen, Pard, I keep my cups clean, but once in a while, over night a guest might decide to visit.  Sure don’t want nothin’ to be taintin’ the coffee.  Same thing is true with what yuh read or see.  Don’t let anythin’ get in the cup that the Holy Spirit is goin’ to want to fill ‘ceptin’ the pure Word of God.  It’s sorta like checkin’ yur cinch; ya’ll want to be careful and observant.
Oh, Pard, one more thing before we hit the trail–the new novel, Return From Tincup is now available.  Look for it on Amazon.