Coffee Percs

I had finished two cups of coffee when out she came with a ham steak that filled up the plate; resting on top were four eggs fried to perfection.  I took another sip, then starting digging into the eggs and started to cut the ham.”
              –D.C. Adkisson  (Return From Tincup)

Get in this kitchen, Pard, an’ throw yur ankles under the table.  What’s that?  Am I through galvantin’ ’round the countryside?  Why, that’s a good and fair question.  The missus and I just came back from a month in Maryland, and had to jump right back on the steel mounts and head for San Antonio.  Didn’t have time to catch our breath when we were off again.  A former colleague of mine was gettin’ married and we just decided to up and see the hoo-raw.
    It was nice to see old acquaintances, and Pard, I’m not emphasizin’ the “old.”  If the boot fits, wear it.  But, now I’m back, and tryin’ to get some thoughts settled in my mind for the Echoes.  Oh, yur glad I’m back–missed my coffee did yuh?  I made sure it was good an’ strong this mornin’.
    Hope yuh noticed that the past two Saturdays I took the Perc quotation from my new book.  If’n yuh haven’t picked it up yet, yuh need to.  The nights are gettin’ chilly, and it’s a good one to cozy up to with a cup of coffee.  The story is about our ol’ pard, Miles Forrest when he was foreman of a ranch over Gunnison way.
    We traveled many a mile in the past few weeks.  Sure a good feelin’ that the Lord is travelin’ along beside yuh, takin’ care of yuh.  The travel went smooth as buttermilk down yur guzzle.  I’ve thanked Him several times, but reckon while I’m thinkin’ of it I’ll do it again–Thank you, Lord.  I don’t believe we can ever be thankin’ the Lord too much.
    Listen, Pard, just leave yur cup, an’ I’ll get it, but I want to be tellin’ yuh, that there was ne’er a time that we forgot to check our cinch durin’ our travels.  It’s just the way things ought to be:  readin’ yur Bible, cleanin’ yur gun, and checkin’ yur cinch should just be part of the routine of life.