Coffee Percs

He enjoyed the quiet of mornings; always had since he was a boy.  Sitting in his best, and most comfortable chair, with a cup of steaming coffee in hand while reading.  It was the only part of the day when he felt at peace, away from the pressures of the day and expectations of others.”
              –L. C. Matthews (The Promise)

Chilly mornin’, ain’t it Pard?  Why yesterday, believe it or not, over here in East Texas there was some ice on the vehicles.  It’s only November!  Trust yuh had a good week and survived all the crazies out there; sure hope none of them came at you.
    Sure thankful for all the mornin’s the Lord has given me, especially all those extra ones since the ol’ heart decided it would clog up.  Times like this mornin’ I do just like to sit, have a hot cup of black coffee and do some readin’ in God’s Word.  The day will catch up with me, so I’ll just mosey along into it.
    Tryin’ to leave the news, media, and politics alone, but one has to wonder where in the world common sense has gone to.  My mercy, Pard!  Why the hatred?  Is it because the agenda of some has been thwarted or at least slowed down?  No matter what, God sees all.  When I sit and ponder, I wonder about those whose hate is so strong; those that are totally against the teachin’s of the Bible.  Yuh hate to say it, but the fate will be terrible if they don’t repent and find the Lord.
    How ’bout that coffee this mornin’?  I added an extra scoop just to make the taste buds light up in delight.  Put on the percolator this mornin’.  It seems to sorta smooth out the flavor some.  Hmmm, maybe the Lord does that once in a while with our life.  Shoots the “water” up a stem an’ lets it filter on down through the grounds to give more flavor and body to us.  
    Well, Pard, don’t let the day and others be gettin’ to yuh.  Stay steady and sit tall in the saddle.  Yuh did check yur cinch before mountin’?