Coffee Percs

He made the coffee while they opened the food bags that had been prepared for each of them.  They were pleasantly surprised when each bag included two of her delicious apricot fried pies.  Each man took out one and ate it with his coffee.”
              –Donald L. Robertson  (Logan’s Word)

Hi-ya, Pard.  Just filled yur cup as I seen yuh a-comin’.  Now my wife sure does make a fine apricot pies, especially those smallest ones that you can thrust in your mouth and finish in a couple of bites.  No, sorry pal, she hasn’t been in the pie-makin’ mode.  Tryin’ to stay off the carbs–but then I’m a-hopin’ with Thanksgivin’ comin’ up…  And don’t yuh just know it, right after Thanksgivin’ is my doctor’s appointment.  She’d be right riled if I gained too much weight.
    I like November.  The leaves all fallin’ off the trees, the air has turned brisk; well, it’s just a good month for us to be thankful.  ‘Course we should be thankful not just every month, but every day.  The Lord has seen fit to give us another one, so we best be doin’ our best to make it a good un, and be thankful.  If yuh haven’t started a list of gratitude and thanksgivin’ be doin’ it now, and yuh can start off with those valiant men who have served our country.  Monday is Veterans Day, and we shouldn’t be forgettin’ that.
    Here, let me fill that cup again!  Yuh keep guzzlin’ like that and yur ol’ gizzard’ll be sloshin’ ’round.  Yuh remember the cornucopia?  No, not that grocery down on Arapaho, but the ones yuh used to see more of.  The signified the bounty of the fall harvest.  Maybe we don’t see it much because we take so much for granted.  It’s not like the most of us have to be out workin’ the fields and mindin’ the stock.  We let HEB or Kroger or WalMart tend to that for us we just have to trot down the aisles an’ pick our goodies off’n the shelf.  I’m a-thinkin’ we should be takin’ more time for the things that make life meanin’ful–those things the Lord has blest us with.
    Pard, yuh have yurself a good week.  I’ll hopefully be here next week with the coffee, hot and strong waitin’ for yuh.  That is, if’n yuh don’t forget to check yur cinch this week an’ fall off breakin’ yur crown.