Coffee Percs

A cup of good, strong coffee might make you feel better.  And I’ll be fixin’ breakfast before long.”
              –Elmer Kelton  (Other Men’s Horses)

Come on in, Pard, you need this as much as I do.  Ahhh, good, hot, strong coffee.  I had a few things to say, but then I read of somethin’ else, then somethin’ else came up.  This must be the week for fools!  It just don’t make sense, but then I turned to Proverbs and I found that there are 78 verses relatin’ to “fools”!  It helped me to see what a fool does and who a fool is, but my mercy, Pard, how come it seems as if they’re comin’ out of the woodwork all of a sudden?
    Nevermind the foolishness of the impeachment hearin’s and how one of the bureaucrats said that “hearsay is the best evidence.”  Now is that the talk of a fool or not?  Or Warren’s rantin’s about those who were and are the backbone of this country.  That one almost made me snort in my coffee.  The young people are being duped by Socialism, the fools.  Pard, I’m feared that gone are the days when men were men and women were glad of it.  That’s just a bit of what I read durin’ the week.  My, mercy, Lord help us through the jungles! as my Grandma used to say.  
    Pard, some of them are foolish enough to drink “cinos.”  At least we’re not foolish enough for that.  The Good Book, the Holy Bible tells us to forsake foolishness and live.  Try it pard, mark down everytime yuh hear something foolish this week, but let me warn yuh, yuh might run out of ink.
    “To do evil is like a sport to a fool, But a man of understanding has wisdom.”  That there is from ol’ Solomon and it’s sure ‘nough the truth.  I found it in Proverbs 10:23.  Now here’s a proverb from yur ol’ pard, Ira.  He who doesn’t check his cinch is like a fool and likely to fall on his head.