Coffee Percs

I’m going to drink a gallon of the Kona coffee they serve here, black of course.  No sense diluting the stuff.”
              –Jim Walker

Mornin’, Pard.  Let’s take a moment of solemn silence after I pour yur coffee.  It is certainly a day of infamy, sure hopin’ those youngsters out there don’t forget it.  Pearl Harbor happened almost a decade before my time, but the lives of all Americans since have been changed because of it.  Sure wish I had some of that good Kona coffee to give you, but alas…
    I’m reminded on this day of the fact that God is indeed sovereign.  It is not bein’ fatalistic, but the Lord knows the time when He will call us.  Come on, if He knows how many hairs we got on our head…or how many some folk have lost.  Pard, my Uncle Harold Jones was stationed aboard the Arizona.  Just so happened that he was on furlough on his way back to Hawaii when the attack came.  God is in charge.
    Go ahead and drink it down, there’s plenty more in the pot.  Yuh know, I think that at times we dilute our life simply because we don’t take servin’ the Lord seriously.  In this day, we need to definitely be about the Lord’s business.
    Don’t be too relaxed or complacent.  The ol’ devil might have a surprise attack in mind for yuh.  Be ready always.  Keep yur gun oiled an’ at hand along with a well-used Bible.  Always be checkin’ yur tools, includin’ yur cinch.  Yuh don’t want it to slip if an attack comes yur way.