Coffee Percs

To have companionship, supper cooked to perfection, and coffee on the stove.  Now that was something a man could look forward to.”
              –Lynette Sowell

Sure was a grand Christmas ’round this homestead.  Hopin’ yurs was fine as well.  To have friends and family around was delightful, and this ol’ fencepost was surely blessed with some nice gifts.  We even celebrated high on the hog with some Kona coffee and Jamaica Blue Mountain.  Whooeee, they’re supposed to be top of the line (and we had some of that hog-meat as well).
    In a few days we can put the nonsense of 2019 behind us.  Well, for the most part–the bureaucrats will still be around.  Sometimes yuh wish someone would just come by and slap them silly, but that wouldn’t do for they are already nonsensical.  Hmmm, maybe to slap some of the silliness out of them would be better.
    One thing yuh can be sure of, without question–the Lord is in control.  He sees the big picture and the culmination of the whole thing.  Trust in Him as you enter this New Year.
    So here’ hopin’ yuh have plenty of coffee, that yur hips don’t squeak and give way, and that you’ll always remember to check yur cinch as yuh begin the journey into 2020.