Coffee Percs

His hesitation was due to his natural tendency to hold on to his money to ensure the ability to purchase things he needed to survive, like coffee beans and cartridges for his rifle.”
              –Charles G. West  (A Man Called Sunday)

Mornin’ to yuh, Pard.  Yep, I can see graylight just beginnin’ to appear.  I was as snug as a bug in a rug this mornin’ to tell yuh the truth.  But, jist for you, I’m up, coffee is sittin’ here ready for yuh to join me.
    Pard, things shore ain’t like they used to be.  Hatred abounds all around us.  I was ponderin’ the other day, I do that from time to time, about all the hatred; why it’s everywhere.  It made me really grateful that I have the heavenly Father, a good God, walkin’ with me through this wearisome, troubled world.  With the media seeming to gloat over any kind of hatred (and if there’s not enough, they’ll make some up to suit their agenda) it’s often hard to see the good.  It’s one thing not to like a person or what they do, but mercy, don’t let hate seep from your heart.
    My goodness Pard, yuh slurped that cup down like nobody’s business.  Refill’s a-comin’.  Now, what I was a-sayin’…one of the reasons there is so much hatred, besides being the work of the devil, is that there is so little humility.  The Speaker, what’s her name, said it was a sad day for America all the time gloatin’ an’ smirkin’, and handin’ out her victory pens with her name on them.  There should have been tears, not joy.  Yeah, Pard, I know her name, but we don’t let it come from our lips in our house.
    Times jist ain’t so simple.  One thing for sure is to be sure yuh have enough bullets and coffee around you.  Make sure the Bible is handy and that yur readin’ it regularly.  When yuh see some of that hatred comin’ close to yuh, breathe a prayer an’ say a praise to the good Lord, for the simple things–like not forgettin’ to check yur cinch.