Coffee Percs

Cup of black, tonsil-searing, up-and-at-‘em juice in hand…lurched, as though still not quite awake.”
              –J. Lee Butts (And Kill Them All)

Yippi-ki-ti-yo, another day the Lord has given us.  Don’t forget to be thankin’ Him for it, Pard.  The day the Lord has made and given us along with some of my “go-get-’em” juice of hot, black, and strong coffee–what else could a person need?
    I hope you ain’t all in a dither over the commotion those bureaucrats are causin’ up in Washington.  Talk about confusion!  Read just a little about the goin’s on and you can understand my feelin’s toward most bureaucrats.  I know, yuh can’t lump them all in the same barrel, but my shucks, it’d come close.  
    Sip yur coffee and I’ll tell yuh somethin’.  Confusion comes right from the “father of lies; yep, the devil himself!  There’s no need to be confused, just go to the Book.  The Lord has spelled out how to live in the Bible.  If’n anyone tells you different it’s because they have an agenda and are fulfilling it for the father of lies, or they are just plain old confused.
    Don’t be a-listenin’ to the lies.  Why, I saw where someone from CNN completely made up a conversation between two senators.  Now is that isn’t in the footsteps of the devil, I don’t know what is.  A journalist makin’ up lies, how ’bout that!  Will he get fired?  Well, Pard, don’t hold yur breath over it.
    Like I was sayin’, enjoy yur coffee, follow the words of the Lord in the Bible, and you’ll make it all right.  That is if yuh don’t fall out of the saddle because yuh didn’t check yur cinch.