Coffee Percs

When I first knew him he carried a Bible and a six-shooter, He was gentle with horses, with children; his courage was never questioned…  When he got up in the morning he’d be sitting there by the fire, as alone as the morning star, drinking coffee.”  
              –J. Frank Dobie

Get yur ol’ tired self in out of the cold!  Have yurself a seat; the coffee’s comin’ right up.  It’s a bit chilly out there is mornin’ but this will warm yur innards, I guarantee.  Ahhh, nothin’ like a good cup of hot, strong, black coffee to get yur juices all flowin’ properly for the day.
    Pard, yur teachin’ yur young’uns the right way, I’m a-hopin’.  This world is a mess and yuh have to be etching the Word of the Lord into their heart.  Why that feller runnin’ for the President of these United States is tryin’ to twist everythin’ in the Word.  My mercy, he’s tryin’ to take away how we defend our soul, an’ on top of that how we can defend our family.  Let me tell yuh, Pard, they’re out there an’ they’re tryin’ to get us.
    Mmmm, that coffee sure does hit the spot this mornin’.  Back to my ponderin’–the way I get it reckoned is that God means what He says and He says what He means!  No doubtin’ about it.  People are tryin’ to add that culture changes the Word; well, I’ve got me just one word to say about that–BAH!  Listen, we don’t read things out of the Word, and we sure don’t add things to distort it.
    Why ol’ Peter himself told us under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that the holy Scriptures are not subject to our own private interpretation.  No, we have to read it for itself; the Bible is its own interpreter.
    Goodness gracious, if we could be deciphering the Word any which way we wanted, well, that would be like me tellin’ yuh to go ahead an’ mount yur hoss without checkin’ yur cinch!