Coffee Percs

I quickly ate the few bites of ham directly from the skillet then drank the last of the coffee from the pot, no need dirtying dishes.”
              –D.C. Adkisson  (Trouble at Gregory Gulch)

A wonderful Saturday greetin’ to yuh, Pard.  My mercy, if a person watched the happenin’s on the new news it would be a wearisome week.  With all the fear that is bein’ produced and all the manipulatin’ by the bureaucrats, well, it’s just plan fretful.  That is, if a person pays much mind to what the media says.  
    Drink yur coffee, I even cleaned the cup out for yuh this mornin’.  It is purdeelightful, if’n I do say so myself–which I do.  Now, I for shore am not a fatalist, but I do believe in trustin’ the good Lord to take care of me.  This world is in His hands, and even more so, my life is in His hands.  How He brings me across the bar to glory is His business, whether it’s by a Chinese microscopic bug, or bein’ hit by a Mack truck along the highway.
    I do get upset with all of the media’s whinin’, moanin’, and groanin’.  One used to could trust the news, but we see that they are adept at throwin’ out lies, and some of them are whoppers.  Just by that yuh know who their “father” is–the father of lies.
    One thing I did perchance happen to hear was that cohort of the Mouth say that the judges on the Supreme Court just better watch out.  My, my, dare to threaten the Court, and yuh know the worst part, nothin’ will be done about it.  Threaten justice and what does justice do?
    Most nights, the wife and I sit on the couch and watch some of the old westerns.  At least most of them have some sort of morals and values in them.  The other night I was watchin’ and shore enough, ol’ Cisco would check his cinch before mountin’.  Now if they do that on the movie screen, how much more should you do that in real life?

P.S.  Finish that coffee, then go online to Amazon and purchase my latest book.  Yu’ll enjoy it, I guarantee.