Coffee Percs

When I had eaten the bacon I sat back with a cup of coffee in my hand, leaning against the trunk of a ponderosa, and studied my situation.”
              –Louis L’Amour  (Passin’ Through)

In the graylight of the mornin’ it is very still, with only a few birds chirpin’ as I’m sittin’ on my back deck, coffee in hand, waitin’ for yuh to show up, Pard.  Just spendin’ some time ponderin’ while waitin’.  Pard, yuh ever stop to wonder how much time we spend just waitin’? Guess it helps teach us patience.
    I haven’t done too much a studyin’ on this here China virus.  I do know that it’s caused a lot of heehawin’ and of course the media has to have their hoorawin’ as well.  I’m looking out at the woods, lookin’ to see which trees around have the best leaves in case we run out of paper. Plenty of oak, gum, and maple, so I should be all right.
    Saw where a several of those young snips were smartin’ off again.  Yep, you guessed it Pard, the Millennials and Generation Z told the police that they were not goin’ to let the virus destroy their partyin’.  Besides bein’ obnoxious, arrogant, and selfish they represent a society that will be left behind when the Lord comes like a “thief in the night.”
    So, in the midst of all the uproar, I reckon I’ll just trust in the Lord and enjoy my coffee.  Doin’ some writin’ on a new novel.  Hmmm, from the looks of the pot, I’d say it’s time to brew up a new batch.
    You be safe an’ stay at home.  One thing that does for yuh, yuh won’t have to be a wonderin’ if’n yuh checked yur cinch or not.