Coffee Percs

He drank his coffee black.  The heat of it jolted him a little, it pulled him out of a deep hole.”
              –Ernest Haycox (Trouble Shooter)

Turned a little chilly, so get yurself inside this house.  The coffee’s hot, be careful yuh don’t burn yur tongue.  Just sip it easy and slow.  Yuh feelin’ haggard from bein’ all cooped up ’cause of this ol’ virus.  It reminds me of that winter up near Chugwater where my ol’ pardner Miles spent the time in a lineshack.  Oftentimes he was in there by his lonesome, couldn’t get out for the blizzard was sweepin’ through and the wolves were at his door a-howlin’, but that’s another story.
    What’s that?  What was Jesus doin’ the Saturday after the crucifixion? Well, that crucifixion was a horrible thing, I reckon He just laid there relaxin’ from all the loss of blood and turmoil.  Sorry, I didn’t mean to make yuh snort yur coffee.  I just said that to get yur attention.  I can tell yuh for a fact what He was doin’.  Now don’t look so surpised, He was doin’ what He always did–He went about His Father’s business.
    Now as for specifics, that I can’t help yuh with for it was all done in the spirit realm.  There’s plenty of conjectures and speculations.  Since He was dead, I would imagine He would go to the place of the dead; call it Sheol, Hades, or Hell.  There were many there waitin’ for Him to come.  I wondered who greeted Him first?  Perhaps His ol’ friend Abraham.  Hmmm, now don’t spill yur coffee a second time; but since He was loaded with sin, did He have to go to the tormented side first, shed all that sin off take the keys then unlock the celldoor for those in the Paradise side to go to their home in heaven?
    We don’t know, the Lord has good reason for us not to know and not to see in the spirit realm.  Ha, why pard, we have a hard time dealin’ with life here on earth, just yuh look at all the foolishness goin’ on.  Some of us can’t even drink coffee without spillin’ it, an’ a certain someone will forget to check their cinch from time to time.
                       Vaya con Dios, Pard,